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ENVE designed bar tape that provides maximum ride feel without compromising comfort and ensures grip in wet conditions.
250mm in length, 3mm thick, and silicone-backed compound that provides the right amount of stretch for ease of installation and durability.

For ENVE, handlebar tape is more than a fashion accessory, it is a key component that sets the tone for your ride.
Bar tape that becomes slippery when wet, and causes discomfort diminishes confidence and the ride experience.
As such, ENVE Handlebar Tape is designed with a grip compound that ensures bare handed traction despite wet conditions.
To maximize ride feel without compromising comfort, ENVE Handlebar Tape is 3 millimeters thick with a vibration damping silicon backer strip that ensures comfort for long miles over rough roads

Features and Benefits :
• 250cm in Length – Accommodates bars up to 50cm
• Grip compound maintains traction when wet
• Durable stretch for installation
• Vibration damping backer strip
• Hard wearing construction
• 3mm thick




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