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The Mudline VT is the latest MTB saddle from Astute, with the Bumper D-System and Titan V rails this will be a durable, high performance option for any Mountain Bike.

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Astute Mud Line VT

The Mudline VT is the latest MTB saddle from Astute, with the Bumper D-System and Titan V rails this will be a durable, high performance option for any Mountain Bike.

Developed in world ENDURO Mountain biking series, this saddle has been developed to offer the right support to all the most exigent athletes: specific padding,Bumper integrated system (B.D.S.), compact sizes to assure a total integration to the free styler in their maximum efforts.The construction combines lightweight full 3K carbon integrated in the forwardsection of saddle, or a titan V rail satin black (MUD line).All new design templates with three International patent’s.

About Performance Saddles
Performance saddles are narrower than the models designed for shorter ride comfort. They’re intended for riders who have a committed riding style with weight on hands and feet so they’re narrower and lighter. High tech padding materials and flexible body designs keep your pressure points comfortable and lightweight chassis components keep the weight down. Most have some kind of ergonomic design to reduce pressure on nerves and allow unrestriced blood flow to your sensitive areas. Womens models have a wider design to suit their naturally wider pelvis. Saddle widths vary across the ranges from narrow (upto 130mm), medium (upto 138mm) to wide (upto 146mm). Narrower saddles are the popular choice for longer distance riders as they do not cause the hips to be placed in an unnatural position. Wider saddles will often feel comfortable initially due to their greater surface area but then progressively decrease in comfort as the miles increase, the correct choice of saddle is a case of getting the balance between initial comfort and overall comfort.

About the Astute brand
Astute is the result of an Italian dream. The co-operation of a group of enthusiastic business men and the best Venetian Craftsmen specialized in creating and producing Made in Italy saddles, did all the rest: a revolutionary product. A series of International patents are the results of this symbiosis, making Astute the first Smart Saddle in the world, created for professional cyclists and for those who love cycling. Astute is a wholly Italian product which offers to the cycling field a new benchmark of Elegance, Comfort, Technology and Performance. The total quality of our products, 100% Italian, 100% hand-made, 100% innovative and always new, depends on the continuous research, on the use of the most advanced technology and on the scouting of the most updated aesthetic trends. The name and the logo Astute are the symbols of such innovation and research of best solutions, because perfect elegance is our mission: we, Astute, create value for our customers melting their needs and passion for cycling with our ideas, intuition and love, in order to create perfect and incomparable saddles. Official Saddle Sponsor to No. 1 UCI Ranking Women’s Team, Wiggle High5.

Top Features of the Astute Mud Line VT


  • Premium Italian Microfiber
  • Memory Foam Pad (M.F.P.): Tri-density.
  • Nylon Carbon Shell
  • Asymmetric Rear Design (A.R.D.): 5 colors.
  • Bumper D-System (B.D.S): integrate bumper pad in the rear zone.
  • Cover Design System(C.D.S ): bottom platform that seals processing techniques and makes the main shell completely smooth and perfect.
  • Top Design System (T.D.S): 5 colors

Product Data:

  • MTB: Yes
  • Weight (g): 215
  • Length (mm): 260
  • Rail Material: Alloy
  • Width (mm): 125
  • Road: Yes




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