Founded in 1989 by Luciano Passoni, our mission is to produce the most beautiful, timeless, lightweight and high performance bikes possible. We are passionate about what we do and obsess over every detail. 

Heritage in Racing:
performance and comfort

Passoni first showcased its titanium expertise at the 1989 EICMA show in Milan, which attracted much attention as an early titanium innovation weighing only 1200g. That frame was called the Top, which evolved into the Top Force and Top Evolution frames, and finally into our current Titanio frame. Our frames were often used on the world stage, rebadged with sponsors’ logo but obvious to the trained eye. Indeed, from 1989 to 1994 we saw a period of considerable interest from world-beating climbers fascinated by the considerable weight savings and performance gains we could offer.
This led to many unforgettable (albeit unbranded) Grand Tour stage wins.

Welcome to the Atelier Passoni


PASSONI Prima Disco



Our Ready-to-Ride frames are primed and ready to be customised to your specifications. You have a number of options to select across many areas of the bike.

The Prima’s 56mm conical headtube is created from three Grade 5 titanium pieces and welded together, offering the greatest level of handling performance, alongside high accuracy in terms of bearing cup tolerances. Housing 1”½ lower and 1”⅛ upper stainless steel bearing cups, the tapered headtube is a centrepiece in the elegant ride character of the bike.

We also provided a wide Titanium Selection.


Performance, endurance, and adventure/cross are categories that start to tell the story. Look more deeply and you will find a bike for every type of drop bar riding. Each model has been thoroughly tested on race circuits, roads, dirt — and the taped-off courses around Colorado and the world.


We built our venerable name on the backs of Tour stage victories and criterium wins. Today we continue to push the envelope in titanium road bike technology, with bikes that easily carry you up alpine switchbacks, with confident handling over gravel terrain or roads, and with lung-searing speed around the corner.


Titanium bicycles at a lower cost thanks to our batch production system founded by David Lynskey.

Rapha – Jersey

The best cycling jerseys in the world, made with Rapha’s iconic designs and fabrics.