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About Pegoretti

Fatti con le mani means made by hand.
This is what makes Pegoretti unique. Dario Pegoretti credits Gino Milani for teaching him the science and the art of building bicycles.

From there, Pegoretti moved into his own shop where he continued to build frames. Pegoretti was among the first of the European frame builders to embrace lugless TIG welding to build premium bicycles. In addition Dario worked with leading edge manufacturers, such as Excell and Dedacciai, in the development of new materials and tube sets. He earned a strong following among professional riders and built bikes for a number of elite teams.

Recently the enterprise moved to a new shop where Dario builds a small number of fine bicycles, by hand, each year. In this world of cookie cutter products Pegortetti occupies a unique position as a true individual.

We sell CUSTOM BIKE, this type is sell separately between FRAMESET and Other Accesories.

For Frame Option and Other Details please contact our hotline number :
(+62) 812 1516 168.



The Ciavete paint scheme is hand painted at my discretion.

The colors and graphics will be whatever I choose to do at the time.

If you order the Ciavete paint you are giving me full license to create the frame graphics.

Due to the unique nature of this paint scheme, each will be one of a kind.

No instructions or direction are accepted for this design.

Please don’t ask for a reproduction of a Ciavete paint scheme you’ve previously seen, as the idea behind Ciavete is for each frame to be a unique work.

If you are not comfortable with this please do not order the Ciavete scheme.

Dario Pegoretti


Here are the color schemes available now, some are closed, in the sense that we don’t want to change the colors with which they were born, others are open in the sense that it is possible to change the colors. Please do not ask for other color schemes of the past or that you have found on the internet.
Not to fall into temptation we have deleted all the graphics files related to the past and this is what we can do now.
All the forks are painted to match the frame base color.

Please don’t ask me to paint the fork with a pattern that matches the frame paintjob.

If you want to change the colors of a scheme, please take note that you have only the colors shown on this PAGE.