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02 VAM

The Ultimate Climbing Bike


Applying our knowledge to the building of the best carbon bikes in the peloton starts with the selection of materials used and how to get the best out of them. We mix and match the different types of carbon to the location on the frame where it will be the most effective. For instance, we incorporate boron within the seat tube, which reduces the weight while adding stability and strength. At the deepest layer of the frame, we use textreme, a spread-tow reinforcement that is a super lightweight support solution for carbon fiber composites. It is easily shaped into complex areas, so it can be used more efficiently. We’ve also included pitch carbon fibre in the top tube and down tube. It is ultra-high modulus and therefore astoundingly stiff.


For the ultimate manufacturing solution, we have developed high-pressure moulds that effectively remove all excessive resin from the base material, making the carbon stronger, lighter, and more efficient. That proves extremely important for the performance of the O2 VAM to ensure it remains lightweight without compromising the ride stiffness, durability, or responsive handling. The stiffness to weight ratio of the Factor O2 makes it possible to build up even the O2 Disc with standard components and still enjoy the featherweight performance of an ultra light bike.


The O2 VAM uses a standard size (1-⅛) upper headset bearing system to maintain the aesthetic beauty of the frame and retain the aero benefits over using a wider bearing. Unlike many manufacturers, the bearing width and headtube are not increased to facilitate an internal system. The end result is a beautifully integrated O2 VAM that retains its elegant silhouette and improves aerodynamics by hiding the cables.


Working closely with CeramicSpeed when developing products allows Factor to help find the best technical solutions for the ultimate racing bikes. Starting in June of 2019, our R&D team was testing CeramicSpeed’s SLT (Solid Lubrication Technology) Bearings for headsets, giving our feedback in the development of the indestructible headset bearings that we have been using with our road bikes since March 2021. The SLT bearings have proved they are guaranteed to last. Requiring no maintenance, they are particularly useful when combined with an integrated cockpit. The SLT bearings solve the problem of headset maintenance for integrated cockpits by removing the need!


The super lightweight Factor O2 VAM is the best choice for riders looking to get every last ounce out of their power output.


The ultimate climbing bike