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Tune Barends "BAR END"

Weight 55 grams/pair
Mounting Angle 9 degrees
Grip Diameter 27 mm
Body Material 7075 aluminum
Fastener Material 6/4 titanium, 7075 aluminum

Tune's lightweight mountain bike bar ends offer a sleek, simple design in several attractive colors. As with any bar ends, these offer a great second hand position, excellent for extra leverage when climbing and under hard pedaling efforts. The bar ends are straight, but mount with a slight inward cant for optimal ergonomics. Each bar end is fitted with a replaceable domed plastic cap to prevent rider injury in crash situations.

Tune bar ends are manufactured with pride in Germany.

The Tune bar ends' simple, precisely machined design requires only a 5 mm hex wrench for installation. If available, we recommend using a torque wrench to avoid damage to your handlebars. Tune's recommended bolt torque is 7 Nm. Please note that some handlebars are not compatible with bar ends; check manufacturer's specifications before ordering.


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