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Our lightest, most versatile bike delivers an inspiringly refined ride!


The O2 is our beautiful chameleon. It’s our most versatile bike and combines minimalist beauty with exceptional performance, riding lightly at a scant 740g for the frameset; it’s equally at home effortlessly consuming the mountains of France as it is rolling sublimely over Belgian pavé.

Dressed in full Shimano Dura Ace Di2 with Black Inc Thirty carbon clincher wheels, our custom one-piece bar/stem combination and lightweight and aero Svelte fork with size-specific tapered steerer, and rolling on CeramicSpeed bearings throughout, the O2 Dura Ace delivers a ride of pure luxury performance that’s inspiring, refined and intoxicating.

As with all our bikes, the O2 is a peerless combination of master craftsmanship, the very finest materials, innovative engineering and manufacturing processes all brought together with the highest possible level of finishing and attention to detail in our wholly-owned factory; with more than 20 years of cutting edge expertise, the O2 is the pinnacle in carbon frame building mastery. We don’t compromise – anywhere – and the results of this single minded approach are clear as soon as you swing a leg over the O2. Even when climbing – except for the most extreme of gradients – aerodynamics remain critical to performance. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure the O2 is both as light and as aero as possible: our Svelte fork has one of the smallest surface areas of any fork; the frame tube profiling has been rigorously engineered to minimise drag and, together with our custom built one-piece bar/stem combo, will save still further precious watts.

Of course, the O2’s exceptional lightweight construction doesn’t come at the sacrifice of stiffness or comfort: asymmetrical chainstays balance out chain pull and deliver magnificent power transmission while our micro seatstays provide all day comfort. In addition, each of the individual fibres have been obsessively selected and expertly combined to ensure our pursuit of ride perfection is achieved: the O2 responds both immediately and intuitively to your every input with a lively, interactive ride that also gently filters out fatiguing road buzz and vibrations to provide total comfort and confidence. When you kick for the summit, the O2 soars; when you carve into the turn, the O2 inspires; and when you hit the cobbles, the O2 excels.

Frame :

RGi Carbon construction, tapered/shaped 1-1/8" upper and 1-3/8" lower head tube, compact pro race geometry, internal cable routing

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