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The Aero rules just changed! 


Taking all that we learnt from its Vis Vires predecessor, the ONE has been built for all-out stiffness and aerodynamic performance to deliver you a significant advantage at the sharp end of races. Featuring our unique OTIS (ONE Total Integration System) one-piece integrated bar/stem, our proprietary external-steerer dual clamp design OTIS fork and the iconic Twin Vane split-downtube design, the ONE is as distinctive as it is peerlessly fast. Built with full Shimano Dura Ace Di2 with Black Inc Fifty carbon clincher wheels and rolling on CeramicSpeed bearings throughout, the ONE will make you faster, everywhere. The ONE is Factor Bikes’ most uncompromisingly aerodynamic race bike, conceived and created to deliver ultimate speed and a reassuringly stable and predictable ride for total confidence and control.

Developed as a total aerodynamic system, the ONE has been created in collaboration with aerodynamic maestros bf1systems – one of the premier providers of wind-tunnel and downforce measurement to Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Maserati and multiple F1, Moto GP and WRC teams. Together, we have realised the pinnacle of aerodynamic performance in the ONE.

The OTIS fork works symbiotically with the Twin Vane split downtube to take the dirty turbulent air from the front wheel and funnel it through – rather than around – the downtube. This dynamic relationship delivers a meaningful advantage of 100g of aerodynamic efficiency at 40km/h compared to a non-split downtube design – equating to about one second per kilometre in savings. In addition to being at the aerodynamic front line, the OTIS fork is the lynchpin that binds together the ONE’s insatiable thirst for speed together with its inscrutable handling and ride confidence; how a bike handles and tracks whether descending, across cobbles, carving chicanes or dodging potholes is not just a function of the ONE’s advanced geometry and position: it’s also structural.

Featuring a dual clamp design that fixes to the steerer both beneath and on top of the headtube, the OTIS fork also mates directly with our custom one-piece OTIS bar and stem assembly. Together, this integration delivers exceptional aerodynamic performance, phenomenal front end stability, laser-guided steering precision and maximum stiffness. Go where you will with total line-holding confidence: from full-bore finish line sprints, railing banked turns, or effortlessly carving down Alpine descents: the ONE is the perfect synthesis of aerodynamics, speed and inspiring stability.

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