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We constructed ONE as a frame with no compromise.
It suits the needs of the most demanding riders. Stability and riding characteristics up front. Stiffness and durability directly after.
There is only ONE frame like this.


All the tubes that constitute ONE are tuned to function as a homogeneous union. They are put together according to the precise calculations of our engineers and using a technique commonly used in the aviation industry. The resulting energy exchange between them enables the rider to fly the bike as if super-powered. Moreover, the level of mechanical damage resistance has been improved tremendously compared to our previous carbon model (the ZERO), and stiffness has jumped by 60%.

The geometry and the riding characteristics are based on our racing experience. Final test rides were held in the French and Swiss Alps with ex-pros riding various frames each made of different tubes. Their experience was carefully recorded. Thanks to it, we have developed a frame that is tranquil even in high speeds and provides the rider with comfort and security no matter the size.

The bicycle features spry reactions to change of direction while keeping a stable track. This stability is achieved through the very stiff front part of the frame which helps the rider to spurt. The rear triangle is where the comfort is stored. There is a lot of love, effort, passion and innovation inscribed into this frame, and it will with no doubt wow you.

We sell CUSTOM BIKE, this type is sell separately between FRAMESET and Other Accesories.

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Lauded worldwide as the custom builder of note for discerning riders, Festka has a reputation for delivering nothing but the finest on every single level. Their dialled in frames, intuitive fabrication and responsive production process assure you that your bike will be the ultimate in personalised riding experiences. In the Festka ONE Road Edition Frameset, you have the ability to give direct input on the bike that you want, and the feel that you demand on the road.

Constructed from a PAN Ultra high modulus fibre, Festka’s seamless Rocket tubes are wound tight from one single ongoing strand of carbon fibre, assuring you of a superbly rigid and responsive feel on the bike as well as a direct, unflexing and unflinching power that can be channeled straight into your wheels and the road ahead. Weighing just 950 grams, and using the same Japanese carbon fibres used in Formula 1 racing and aviation, you can be sure that this frame provides you with the most precise and crafted construction you could hope to achieve.

Faceted with durable titanium rear dropouts to improve the longevity, rigidity, and overall integrity of the frame, you can be assured of an almost indestructible choice for housing your rear wheels, and, crucially your rear mech. This providing you with a dependable and durable strength to the rear of your bike, you can be assured a direct transmission and a full transfer of raw power.

A versatile geometry honed for precision racing in accordance with your personal requirements, this frame benefits from an 86/41mm (BSA optional) bottom bracket shell. Taking tyres sized up to 25mm and, with a headset designed for a 44mm headtube, this frameset is equipped with an ENVE Road fork, giving that straight raked, stiff and instant road transmission.

Produced in small, limited runs, this frameset is truly the access point to the bike you treasure for the rest of your life, and you ride with pride, and pace on your local loops.



  • Fully custom experience from the world’s premiere elite frame builder
  • 950 grams net weight
  • Super strong, durable titanium drop-outs
  • Stiff, robust and direct in transferring your power
  • High-quality Japanese carbon fibre
  • Seamless Rocket tubes wound from one ongoing piece of carbon fibre
  • CompoTech innovations offer up the same technology used by firms in the aviation and Formula 1 industry
  • PAN Ultra high modulus fibre with increased stiffness


  • Frame: Festka ONE Road Frameset
  • Fork: ENVE Road 1.125
  • Head Tube: 44mm
  • Headset: for 44mm head tube
  • Bottom Bracket Shell: 86 /41mm (BSA optional)
  • Tyre Clearance: 25mm (maximum)
  • Rear Derailleur Hanger: Titanium
  • Seatpost Diameter: 31.6mm
  • Rear axle spacing: 130mm
  • Frame Weight: 950 grams (approx)
  • Includes: Tune headset and seat clamp